Golden Soney is heading for golden times

  • 27 April 2017

At last we’re blogging.

Since re-opening Golden Soney’s gates Easter Weekend 2016, our feet haven’t touched the ground. Its been a very hectic few months. As anyone starting a business venture will tell you, its not easy, however there hasn’t been a day that we’ve not pinched ourselves and thought of how great the experience has been.

We thought for our first blog that we would share our journey from when we first set of too re-opening the business up till the day we re-opened.

In the beginning…

Golden Soney was initially established in 1988 by Thomas & Marlene Jump. Sadly in 2006 Thomas passed away, however Marlene carried on until 2015. Then Daughter and son-in-law (us) decide that the legacy should carry on, so here we are.

First thing we did was clean the site up to enable us to add security fencing and an onsite office.

Once the yard was secure we took our first delivery of stock. Golden Soney has always been renowned for timber and fencing supplies so we made sure we were fully stocked for our Easter Opening.

And then we let all our customers know we are opening, banners erected, more stock deliveries, along with something new to Golden Soney with the introduction of top soil, compost, plants and wooden planters.

Where next?

As Golden Soney has been established as a timber and fence supply business for a number of years, we are still offering the core elements of the business. However, we were keen to not only modernise the processes but to also add to the services Golden Soney provides.

New Services now offered

Fitting service

Golden Soney will not only supply your fences and fence materials, but with our skilled team, we now off complete fitting services too. So whether that be a replacement fence panel or complete replacement, we will calculate the materials required, remove old fence panels and posts if necessary, fit new posts so they are straight and true and install your panels too. We will even give them a coat of wood preserve to enhance they life expectancy further.

Garden make-overs

Our qualified gardeners offer a garden make-over service which includes planning, removing of dead ‘wood’, clearing boarders, planting, lawn replacements, paving, adding raised boarders using sleepers and over timber based methods and much more.

Please contact Antony to discuss this further.

Regular lawn mowing

Not everyone enjoys cutting their lawn or has difficulty in doing so. Regular maintenance of their lawn keeps it looking green, lush and inviting. Golden Soney now offer regular lawn maintenance service. During the mowing season we will regularly come and cut your lawn, treating it with special fertilisers when necessary and allowing you to enjoy it with any hassle.

Now what?

Please call by our website often as we fully intend to blog as often as we can. We will keep you posted of development and showcase some of our jobs.

In the meantime, should you have any requirements for timber, fencing, hardware or would like to quote for fencing or garden maintenance, we would be happy to speak with you. Please contact us.